Re: Yaquina River After Thanksgiving Float

Case Turner

Sounds like you got the best part of salad, ranch dressing.

Chick is a nice looking pram. Looks like it should sail nicely.


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I got an early start on the drive to Toledo yesterday, just in case the roads were icy and I had to slow down. The roads were dry so I killed some time by driving up to Elk City. A beautiful drive (as was the drive over the mountains and back, it was a beautiful day!), with a little frost and ice on the road in the shady spots up by Elk City. There were a bunch of boat trailers and cars with canoe/kayak racks at Elk City park, and I saw some kayakers a little downstream. It looked like some other boating group was trespassing on our turf, either going upriver to Elk City, or maybe doing a loop -- downriver against the tide and then coming back with it. I'll bet they had fun. :o)

The Robert Steward Chick sailing pram Rick Johnson and ? have been building in the Andrew Linn Boatshop is nearing completion. It looks real good! :o) I believe one of the retired Old Geezers is fabricating the hardware for the gunter rig. It'll be interesting to see how that setup works. We don't see many sliding gunter rigs around here...

The pizza by the slice was good at Cobblestone. I was gonna be good and have a salad with it, but they weren't making salads that time of day, so I let the waitress talk me into having a half-dozen garlic rolls instead. They sure were good dipped in ranch dressing. :o)

On 11/30/2019 12:29 AM, I wrote:
It was a Perfect day for a float today. The sun was shining warmly, there was barely a breath of a breeze, no jackets were needed. :o)
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