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I'm interested in building one myself.  I have experience with these single-board computer projects and see huge potential with the 4x8' sheet setup - especially emulating the "puzzle piece" scarfing that comes in the SCAMP kits and CLC.

It looks as though Sonney_Lacey has built a Bolger Bobcat (aka Tiny Cat) with the Maslow using panel joins like that.  I had one of these charming little 12' Beetle Cat relatives and loved the way it sailed with the "big" gaff rig.  It's plumb bow and super broad entry made it sluggish in chop but it's really just a fun, spirited picnic boat.

Building a Bolger Bobcat (Payson Tiny Cat) catboat from CAD on up - thread has lots of photos and thoughts on using Autodesk Fusion 360 to layout the panels

With regards to cutting error: he is seeing a fair amount of error and trying to find the root cause and fix it (that's the great thing about a community project like this: it's always improving thanks to contributions from everyone):

As for errors in the cutting, I am definitely seeing some patterns and hope to somewhat make sense of it…I am also awaiting my pantograph, so that may alleviate a bit of the problems. Basically, however, I am seeing that some of the panels that are over 6 feet in length are suffering from a half inch here or there at the farthest edges of the board.

And with regard to the "lofting" aspect in Fusion 360:

Getting plans into CAD is getting easier with programs like Fusion 360 that allow one to take advantage of dimensioning parameters. If the plans include offsets, that is great. If the plans include measurements from a baseline, even better! Many of H. Payson’s plans (found here 18) have measurements from a baseline, made for the amateur builder to measure from a plywood sheet’s edge. In Fusion 360, I find that this works great, using one of the axis as that baseline. 

On my personal list is a new, smaller outrigger canoe in carbon fiber.  What I'd really like to do is build the strongback with stations cut on the Maslow, then strip "plank" it with foam and lay it up with carbon. 


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The Maslow CNC looked a bit Rube Goldberg but sure seemed to work.  To have a CNC of that scale would be a fortune in ’standard’ issue.  

As regards allergy to cake, saves me from weighing 100 lbs more but cuts way down on invites to birthday parties……


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Alleergic to cake??? No... I'M sorry!!!

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