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Great pictures from the artist, incredible variety, super color and interesting composition, a real treat.  Thanks John, for the visual pleasure.  Some are reminiscent of the Mardi Gras models from the New Orleans museum,  Another fun place to visit.  The architecture paintings are incredible too, they would have a place in any good gallery, or private collection.  Thanks for that link, don't usually hunt for that subject or media. 

Not the same scenery by a bunch, but the lateener sail rigged boat was what I first sailed on, at age 12 or so.  Parents and I took a trip by President Lines, stopped in Egypt a bit.  While we toured, we did a sunset cruise on the Nile in a good size dhow.  I have the slides taken then, at the pyramids, and around Cairo.  Humm, ought to get those out again, interesting stuff.  From before the whole sphinx complex was completed, ships found, etc.

Later,  Cal

On Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 4:36 PM John Kohnen <jkohnen@...> wrote:
Browsing photos using the search string "vela latina" (lateen sail) I
stumbled upon this:

An excellent shot of an interesting boat. Maybe I'm crazy, but it
brought to mind this painting of a Woods Hole spritsail boat that's one
of my favorites from Winslow Homer:

Lateens and spritsails... gotta love 'em. :o)

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