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A sailboat can be a handful to row if the wind is strong. Believe me, I've
tried it. The windage from the rig not only makes for harder work just to
get ahead if you're going to windward, it also can catch the wind and make
the bow sheer off-- if you're trying to go straight upwind the bow may go
in either direction, seemingly at random! Lowering the centerboard helps
some, but then you've got to drag that around. We're doing this for fun,
remember? ;o)

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001 09:48:47 -0700, intrepid oarsman Bryn wrote:
what about oars? You do have oars don't you?

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My only comment on using the South Bay launch site is that those of
us without "mechanical power" might have a problem getting out of the
marina and into the bay. When leaving the launch ramp, one must
negotiate quite a narrow stip of water bounded by the marina on one
side and land on the other. If the wind is right probably would be
OK, but if not, could be a real bummer, both in leaving and returning.
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