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lately I've been going through my power tools repairing this, that and the other thing. Kinda fun, and an excuse not to do real work. <g> I might be interested in some of your broken tools, Jim. Whatya got? Not that I need more tools...

Cords. <sigh> But I got a pleasant surprise the other day when I replaced the cord on a 30-some-odd year old Hitachi drill. Instead of the usual push-in connectors on the switch, the kind that sometimes you gotta take the switch apart to get the old cord out, and then little tiny pieces can fly away forever, there were screw terminals, and the cord was clamped into the handle, not held by a molded on strain reliever, and the "bend reliever" thingy was a slip fit over the cord. It was made to be fixed! :o) Hats off to Hiutachi. Even my old Milwaukee's aren't that fix friendly.

On 11/25/2019 6:38 PM, Jim C wrote:
Is there anyone out there that repairs old tools? I have a bunch of broken electric hand tools ( skill saws drills sanders & etc ) that are headed for the recyclers yard. If anyone would like them, they are yours.
Jim Cooper
John (@Jkohnen)
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