Re: A Beautiful Day on Triangle Lake


Yes John, wouldn't have missed that new lake.  Smallish, but fun to row, or sail with the wind coming directly to the dock downwind,  Bottom around 12 feet or so, except for one shallow end where I got weed and 4 1/4 pr less, about as low as i'd like with underwater drive around 2 ft. to waterline.  Two coots slow the boat less than one mph, so not too bad John brought his gps,, and a good deal of assist for the laynch, retrieve parts. I found some spare parts to create a better no block , no tackle, no kidding, just easy small boat retrieve deal. I will be refitting them first unit with the new setup,  Hang in there,.  John will be the photo guy once again., and maybe most small craft can be retrieved dry shod even in windy conditions, if that is desired. I was about to add a H, Frt, remote winch, hope I cured that, we'll see..

A GREAT, SUNNY --- but short, daytrip  I have been requested to stay safe till my operation, so that's all for this year folks.   Unless I corral John for one more  "sneaker" run between other stuff next week. I'm going to try a different tack, next spring.  My boating time is during the week, darn it.  So, next spring I'm going to schedule some days that look good, have water in the lake, and post that as early as possible, as weather permits.  Checking my e-mail before I leave, and anybody is welcome up to boat capacity, or bring your own.  Surprise does well, its like a small sail boat speed, and noise level, but wind doesn't matter, at all.  Just bring a jacket, lunch, and I plan to get there early, get back before dark, ya'all welcome to show up --- as a general idea.  

See you at the Christmas Salem Pizza event if possible, . ---   Cal

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