A Beautiful Day on Triangle Lake


Don't let the Scary photo that comes up when you search for Triangle Lake in Google Maps frighten you away. In the off season when all the ski and wake boats have been put away it's a very nice place for messing about.


The water was like glass and the sun was shining when Cal and I put Surprise in Thursday. I didn't even need a jacket. :o) We were the only the boat on the lake and enjoyed a very peaceful hum around the little lake. Triangle Lake is a good one for quicky messabouts on those occasional sunny days in the cold and wet months.


The ramp is quite shallow so you have to back quite a ways in to launch and retrieve. But Cal thought up a clever way to retrieve Surprise dryshod, and Triangle Lake was a good test. He but a turning block on the trailer's winch post for Surprise's painter, so someone on the dock can pull her bow right up to the chock. Combined with side posts on the trailer it worked dandy, and nobody got their feet wet! :o) I shoulda taken a photo or two of the setup... It's simple and cheap and works.

John (@Jkohnen)
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