Re: Refinishing wood

Richard Green

Critical application issue:  Whatever clear hard finish you use it has to have UV filters added.  The sun is the enemy of varnish/verathane clear finishes.  Otherwise, there’s several available from Captain’s varnish to ….. dang, can’t remember what it is.  Not varnish but made for boats.  Various folks swear by various finishes and it kinda depends on what you like for application.  Varnish coats that “last’ are often six to ten coats……just sayin’.  I used Deks Olje parts one and two on Passage back in the day but it’s soft and can be scuffed easily.  On the plus side it’s very easy to apply.  Coat on coat, no sanding.  Many options, so little time…..what I have found on a boat in the water is the days you want to be out sailing you’re applying varnish.  Trailerable boats obviate that issue so it’s better.  Best of luck!


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So I need a little help. I'm refinishing all the exterior wood on my Potter 19 and trying to figure out what finish I should use. It looks like teak or mahogany or some dark reddish wood. It's very weathered and faded now. Looks like it was oiled rather than varnished in the past.  I would like to make it shinny but not sure varnish or varathane would work. Need suggestions.  Thanks

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