Re: Coots' Annual Yaquina River Halloween Float, October 26th

jim reim

I can get to the Elk City ramp early, get my boat in the water, and take my Highlander to the Cannon Quarry ramp to transport folks back after the float.  I would need a ride back to Elk City.  Could be in Lazy Jack if you'll have me.  When do you expect to come through?   I could also hitchhike with another Coot going by Cannon Quarry.  

Jim R

On Thursday, October 24, 2019, 11:13:36 PM PDT, John Kohnen <jkohnen@...> wrote:

Some vehicles will be parked at the Cannon Quarry ramp to take people
back to Elk City to get their rigs. Though it can seem chaotic, we
always manage to get everybody hauled out and ready for pizza. <g>

That stubby little kayak will be just fine on that stretch of the
Yaquina, John. As you've no doubt discovered, it's no speed demon, but
nobody will be in a hurry, and the tide will be pushing us along. I hope
you join us.

Right now my plan is to take Lazy Jack, launching Saturday at Cannon
Quarry and motoring up to Elk City to meet the other voyagers. Earl is
gonna ride with me, so his Big Ford Flex will already be at Cannon
Quarry when the fleet arrives. I may, or may not, stay the night in
Toledo, which'd involve some more shuttling... But it could wait until
after pizza. <g>

On 10/24/2019 10:51 PM, John P wrote:
> My first post to this group, though I've been following this group for
> years.  I sail a West Wight Potter 15 and have been given a whitewater
> kayak that I've outfitted for flat water by constructing a small wooden
> keel to help it track straight as I paddle.  Without the keel the rocker
> and short waterline of the boat makes it happy to go sideways as it
> moves straight ahead.  From pictures I've seen on the  website
> I think this would be the perfect vessel for the Halloween float on
> Saturday, plus I'd like to see the area, and attend a coots gathering. 
> I'd like go come join but don't know how the shuttle back works and
> would need to be shuttled back to my car (tan escort) at the put in
> spot.  How does the shuttle work and can I be shuttled?
> Here's
> <> a
> link to a picture of the kayak (without the keel addition.)
John (jkohnen@...)
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