Re: Coots' Annual Yaquina River Halloween Float, October 26th


The Weatherman is promising beautiful weather for the float next Saturday! :o) Knock on wood...

A discussion during Thursday lunch about what was probably the wettest Halloween float, when Darrell and I took our motorboats and stayed at the then-new transient docks in Toledo, and it rained so hard that night and blew so hard that it blew the rain right through Lazy Jack's side curtains and soaked the jeans I'd hung up to dry, made me think about taking Lazy Jack this time. In more clement weather.

Either launching early(!) Saturday and staying over that night, or going over Friday and staying two nights. The price is right -- Toledo now charges $0 a night at the Transient docks, with a suggested donation. I'll try to explain why sometime...

We'll see...

On 10/19/2019 7:33 PM, Bob L wrote:
Thanks for the reminder, John.  I plan to be there---it is always a great fall trip!
 As of now, I plan to bring the Acorn 8.  That boat travels in the back of the van, which in turn limits the use of the van for shuttle duty. If others have a shuttle-friendly vehicle, bring it along.
John (@Jkohnen)
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