Re: Dinghy Sails and couple rigs for sale, just hanging out


I hope the new hip works as well as the one you got on the other side a while back. So far, the Weatherman says it's gonna be a beautiful fall day next Saturday for the Yaquina float. :o)

I haven't connected with Kendall yet to get an appraisal of the sails. The Lido jib is a really nice sail -- I wish I could use it <g> -- I didn't look at the Sabot sail. I'll try harder to get ahold of Kendall this coming week. I've also got some unneeded sails. More on that next week...

On 10/19/2019 6:14 AM, Electri-Cal wrote:
The new hip joint is coming Dec. 5 th., just waiting for that project to get with a couple boat and rc drone projects.  Not doing big boat anything for the time being.  Some other coots could do a coast cruise, sounds like fun, weather permitting of course.
Will have some sails for sale soon.  A Sabot type unstayed sail rig for a 7 to 10 ft.  Dinghy. A good Lido 14 jib with lines is also available. The jib is ready to go sailing on several appx. 15 ft. Hulls, might fit yours so let's talk.
John K. Is checking the good prices, but it would be good for a variety of boats, I could have the gear to complete this package. Even a beaching rudder for a small sailboat. Call for details from the Coors member list.
John (@Jkohnen)
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