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Welcome aboard, Pete! We'll make a Coot out of you yet. <g>

The Nereids are the daughters of Nereus and Doris, Poseidon married one of them, Amphitrite.

"They often accompany Poseidon, the god of the sea, and can be friendly and helpful to sailors....

"They symbolized everything that is beautiful and kind about the sea. Their melodious voices sang as they danced around their father. They are represented as very beautiful girls, crowned with branches of red coral and dressed in white silk robes trimmed with gold, but who went barefoot. They were part of Poseidon's entourage and carried his trident."

A good name for a boat.

But since when have Greek gods worried about a little incest anyway, or even cross-species trysts! ;o)

On 10/18/2019 4:13 PM, Pete L wrote:
Actually, it’s my understanding that the Nerieds, all 50 of them, were Poseidon’s daughters!
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