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That's a (presumably) literary reference that went right by me. Have I managed to miss out on a good story? <g> All that comes to mind is the song "Corbitt's Barkentine" about an apparently happy voyage to Demerara in a Bluenose ship.

"The rising sun next morning shone on six seamen bold,
And one big dog named Rover made seven hands all told.
He was chum of the second mate, for when his watch was done,
Instead of going forward he would lie aft in the sun

"Now, I think they were connected, if rightly I may guess,
For neither one spoke English but they both said 'ja' for 'yes.' "

The Weekender Nereid did indeed have bad luck on the Salish 100, but she persisted, and delivered her crew intact in Port Townsend. If the name worries you, all you need to do is supply Andrew with a funny hat and some good brew and he can mumble some incantations to cleanse the boat of its past sins and give it a new name. But that is a nice _single_ nameboard. <g> There were too many boats on the Salish 100 with their name on only one side -- usually not the side I was taking a picture of. <sigh>

The price is right for Nereid:

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On 10/17/2019 12:03 PM, Bryan B wrote:
Wasn't Nereid the name of Corbett's hell afloat?  Kind of an unlucky name for a boat.
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