Re: Primed for my Recent Purchase


I'm afraid I wandered away from Lazy Jack too much during the Port Townsend Fest. There were too many OPBs to look at! <g> Sorry I missed you and Virginia, Brandon.

I've started an album on Flickr for Tuffy. Caution! If you don't want to see sexy tushes don't click here:

On 10/17/2019 12:35 PM, Brandon F wrote:
Hi John,
Virginia and I came by a couple of times on the Friday of the WBF but our knock went unanswered. I couldn’t help but notice the Spitskatters. They do have sexy rumps.
Can’t wait to see your new girl.
John (@Jkohnen)
The sea drives truth into a man like salt. (Hilaire Belloc)

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