Re: Very Cheap or Free Weekender


The "monster beam" on the foredeck is the lower part of the mast. I won't call it a tabernacle, but it serves the same purpose. It's got a hinge loose-pin hinge on top, with the other half of the hinge on the bottom of the rest of the mast:

I'm still interested in the Honda, if it can be arranged for me to see it.

On 10/13/2019 7:48 PM, Rich G wrote:
I have a six foot 3 X 3 galvanized tongue for cheep. I still have the Honda 2 h.p. at 400. to a coot.
I see a lot of work on that weekender, lots of weather checking which would require some paint removal/sanding/filling to repair. Bowsprit be a pretty easy fix to scarf or replace, I’d think. I can’t tell what the monster beam on the foredeck is about. The transom would be easy enough to repair and beef up. My Honda 2 hp or my Tohatsu 3.5 would look good on that boat, then.
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