Re: Very Cheap or Free Weekender

Richard Green

I have a six foot 3 X 3 galvanized tongue for cheep. I still have the Honda 2 h.p. at 400. to a coot.

I see a lot of work on that weekender, lots of weather checking which would require some paint removal/sanding/filling to repair. Bowsprit be a pretty easy fix to scarf or replace, I’d think. I can’t tell what the monster beam on the foredeck is about. The transom would be easy enough to repair and beef up. My Honda 2 hp or my Tohatsu 3.5 would look good on that boat, then.


On Oct 13, 2019, at 7:30 PM, John Kohnen <@Jkohnen> wrote:

Nobody has called Scott about the Stevenson Weekender in his yard. I'd hate for it to be broken up. The boat has a broken bowsprit and the motor mount tore off of the transom (from using too heavy a motor), sustained during the Salish 100. They finished. Otherwise, I don't think it's any worse than Queen Boadicea was when she came into the Coots' orbit. There are no sails. Scott will sell you a trailer to haul it off on, but if you bring your own trailer and don't bother Scott's crew too much I'll bet he'll give you the boat for free. Scott Coleman: 541-954-7223

BTW, I've got a trailer I'll give away, buyt I'd like something for the tires on it. Needs a new tongue. I got Pickle a new (used) trailer instead of doing the repair:
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