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It was probably fun to see the Shifty Sailors at the Museum. Mary and me were down at the Coast, but she had to be back Friday afternoon. <sigh> The theater there is really something! The view is so good out the windows they really don't need to bring in any entertainment. <g> The Retired Old Geezers in Toledo did a lot of volunteer work to get the theater finished. here's the Shifty Sailors Web page:

On 10/8/2019 8:41 AM, Claire wrote:
The Shifty Sailors are lots of fun, they are home ported in Coupeville a few miles from our farm, and a very professional group.  They have often preformed at the PT Wooden Boat Festival, and they sang at the art festival I started in Coupeville, 'The Art of the Boat'
check them out here...
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