Re: Oregon Mountain Lakes Trip--After action report

Case Turner

Hosmer has really filled in the last two years with reeds. The land is taking back the lake. Same thing is happening at Sparks lake. At some point both will be back to meadows.


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Gentlemen, Again, thank you for the help and guidance regarding the Oregon Cascade (and other) lakes for non-motorized canoeing.  We ended up going to Hosmer Lake (when did it stop being "Mud Lake"?)  What a beautiful spot and a very quiet campground the week after Labor Day.  Everything worked correctly, though the old pickup felt like some of the passes were a little steep.  The new rowing rig for the almost new canoe worked really well.  With a 36" beam and some tumble home, the canoe doesn't have a lot of spread for the oar locks, but enough.  The light 6'4" oars move her along way faster than I can with my 9' kayak paddle, even with m'Lady Wife paddling in the bow.  Oars are faster!  At least for old geezers.  There was a minor problem with running into SUP board paddlers and kayaks coming the other way in the narrow channels among the reeds, but there were no crashes.  
The photos with some explanations are posted on my old Vietnamese Motorbike blog. .  
Thanks again for all the help,

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