Re: Boat Storage

Frank E Mabrey

I want to so badly it hurts.  I am dealing with one disaster after another here and that doesn't even include the hurricanes.  Unless things there go south I doubt I could even think of a visit before 2020. I might come during the Republican convention in Charlotte as I could rent out my house and there would be boat shows to take my wife to so she could learn what she got herself into marrying a coot.  If you plan to out the ranch text me so I can let Jim, the tenant, know you are coming.  Unlike some of the neighbors he is unlikely to shoot you but would appreciate the courtesy of a notice.

On 9/12/2019 3:04 PM, David Graybeal via Groups.Io wrote:

Naaah... haven't forgotten them. Just haven't done anything with them. They were 2 of the 4 mentioned.

So, yeah, Frank - when are you coming back? At least for a visit??

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