Re: Boat Storage


Andy told me to find someone with a lot of unused boats in their yard and convince them into letting go of a boat. :)

On Wed, Sep 11, 2019, 12:40 David Graybeal via Groups.Io <> wrote:

I have too many boats. Several on trailers. And too few places to park them.

And I am very seriously considering taking on another. But I can't unless I find somewhere handy and cheap/free to park it. The only place left is my own driveway. Which notion has been vetoed by the High Command. She says, "I don't care how many boats you have - as long as none of them live in our driveway." I considered suggesting I park it in the front yard... but doubt THAT idea will gain any traction either.

So I'm looking for ideas. Anyone have a spare parking spot in or near NE Portland?  Anyone have any ideas for such a spot? What I'd love is 4 such spots - in order to consolidate and get them all closer , but I know I'm dreaming. So at this point, I'd be quite happy with one.

All thoughts welcome - even Dirt's hairbraine... errrr, that is...  'creative' ideas!! <G>

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