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The flyers turned out very nice -- much better than I expected when you said they were going to be printed on matte paper. Turns out the paper was a smooth finish. :o) I grabbed a handful of them. Thanks!

We all seemed to have a good time at the Festival, despite a rainy sail-by ("moody" photos <g>). Sorry I missed you.

On 9/5/2019 9:14 PM, You wrote:
Good evening all,
I hope that those of you who will be attending the Wooden Boat Festival will find a moment to stop by the Small Craft Advisor/Duckworks booth and thank Josh and Company for allowing us to put our new West Coast Small Boat organizations brochure on their counter for folks to enjoy and take for future reference.  Very generous as always!
thanks and
have a great time at the festival
John (@Jkohnen)
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