Re: Finished out the SoF canoe


Not to mention avoiding the tedium of driving those almost 1000 staples, and then going back to bang on them with a hammer to make sure they're all the way home! <g> Platt Monfort says you only need to tack-weld the tape in place before you put the skin on, then you apply heat along the continuous length to stick everything to the frame. He also explains how to stick the fabric to the stem(s) without using lacing. Even if you don't ever want to build a Geodesic Airolite boat some of Monfort's tricks are worth considering. Kinda like Michael Storer's Puddle Duck and Goose plans for the square boat crowd. <g>

On 9/2/2019 9:20 PM, Andrew wrote:
$3 for 10 yards beats $12 for 1250 ss staples, that's for sure. Shear is where it's at. Thankee!
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