Re: New Build Decison: SUP vs. 'Yak

Andrew Linn

SUP is great exercise and you do work at it.

The Chuckanut 15 is an excellent kayak design with all the benefits of being low in the water so you avoid wind, ability to ride out waves, etc. And a greatly reduced chance of dunking.

SUP requires skill. C15 requires you sit with butt nearly level with your heels.

Sit on the floor for an hour, see if you like it. Rent a SUP, see if you like that. I'd recommend getting instruction because it is different.

On 8/27/2019 9:28 AM, David Graybeal via Groups.Io wrote:

I am looking for opinions. Any and all. Informed or theoretical (it helps if you specify which you're offering).

Why? Because I'm starting to fantasize about a boatlike object I can keep on top of my truck all summer, with a paddle in the wayback, and have handy for impromptu (like I have a free hour after work, or couple of hours in the middle of the day while something dries) time on the water. The Harbor Woodworks shop is not far from the Columbia River 42nd Av. ramp. Even closer is the slough that runs thru North & NE Portland. My oldest son and two grandkids live not far from the Willamette River Selwood Park river access. I visit them often, and the 2 year old is turning into a Waterboy... so would like to start taking him out.

The two primary contenders are a SUP and an Open Cockpit Kayak.

As far as a SUP goes... probably a Storer "T'aal" --

For an open kayak, probably the Dave Gentry "Chuckanut 15" --


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