Re: Six boys. Five little boats. A new place to go. All day to get there.


Hi Elaine.


Please try again.  My email system crashed under its own weight, apparently.  I think I’m back in bid’ness, now.  DanAshore@....  Sorry for the runaround.  I’d purloin your add from this page, if I knew how’ta.  Jamie and I are headed out on a shortish overnight adventure, this morning.  Back on the grid, in a day, erso.  I did build a hundred feet of boardwalk, out thru the woods to the hobbit house, over the past couple days, so we can report to the quarterdeck for our liberty cards.  I’ll see if I can attach that writeup here.  Dan


A book review.  “Building a Hobbit Hiway.”  By Ben Dover.

Few books have inspired me to question the immutable laws of mathematics and the general evolution of humankind, as has this slim volume.  It comes as a notebook truly ready for the worksite.  The author has dispensed with ornamentation, such as a fancy cover—and pages, for that matter.  I particularly agree with the title of Chapter One:  “True randomness requires planning, and strict attention to detail.”

Chapter Two offers a salient caution:  “Turning one man’s junk, into your own, junk.”





Chapter three gets right to the meat of it:  “Accepting direction, and criticism, from others.”



Yep.   That’s a valuable skill.  And, finally, in the last chapter, Mr. Dover offers his best nugget:  “If you don’t know where you are going, then you’re likely to end up someplace, else.”



It’s a great read.  I recommend it to anybody who might care to make a Hobbit’s life follow The Chosen Path.




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