Re: Got Some Oak for Steam Bending Today


What a truly wonderful place!  My local mom & pop lumber yard, here in Almostcanada, closed.  For years, I’d show up and say, “…what will two hundred bucks buy?...”  And, he’d just load me up.  I took all of his more-interesting stuff, that the more legitimate builders didn’t want.  Wanes, bark, knots, spaulted pine, figured cedar, gnarly spruce.  I turned tons of that stuff into half-dozen boat interiors, household furniture, yard art, Christmas gifts, quilt racks and misc. wall hangings, and a hobbit cottage in the woods.  Now, I have to go to the big-box.


Yep, that’s a remarkable find, John.  What do they carry?  How about a field trip after Fern Ridge?  Dan. 

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