Dirt's Cargo Trailer Camper conversion

Case Turner

I've been documenting my cargo trailer camper conversion and travels at the Teardrops and Tiny Travel Trailer forum. Thought some here would like to follow along. I will add the link below.

I currently am working on the nose end of the trailer in preparation for my heat source.

Since I dry camp I wanted to have a heater that would not require me to be attached to power of any sorts. I do have solar power and a battery, but I didn't want to connect the heater to that.

Having had Dickinson diesel stoves on my boats I started there. I decided that I really didn't want to pack diesel so I thought propane. My thought was since I was already packing propane for cooking I wouldn't need another fuel. Unfortunately the propane heater requires 12v for the fan.

Dickinson makes a solid fuel heater too, so I looked at that. I have seen the solid fuel heater in person and in use and I was never impressed with the metal thickness. Especially for the price. The other issue is it's not a sealed unit and has no fire brick like modern wood stoves.

I always have firewood with me so I started a two month research of small wood stoves. There's lots of great little stoves out there. Ultimately I decided on the Cubic's Cub mini wood stove out of Saint-Laurent, QC, Canada.

I choose the Cub because its the perfect size and it's more along the lines of a sealed wood stove, with fire brick. The price with the current exchange rate really sealed the deal.

Currently I am prepping the area where it is going to go. I will be posting more to my build after the weekend. The stove is supposed to be here on the 4th.

Dirt's Cargo trailer:


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