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Andrew Linn

"Trips" is the plan. The 250 jumps right up to 55mph, but she doesn't like going over 70 (and it takes a bit to get there.) When I took her to the coast, I was ripping along the farm roads - that's where I came up with the idea.

I had considered getting a cheap Chinese bike, the SRS Snake Eyes, to be precise. There's a guy selling them on Craigslist, still in the crate, for $2000. The idea was "What's stupider than doing this on a 250? Doing it on a cheap Chinese 250, of course." Plus, the styling of that bike looks old school.

In the end, my innate cheapness won out. Plus, Rocinante is a trooper. She needs to become legend. Plus the Snake Eyes has a 1.98 gallon tank. Even if it gets Rocinante's 60+mpg, that's not enough.

On 12/25/2018 2:00 PM, John Kohnen wrote:
"Trips". Good. A single marathon trip to all the counties in Oregon would be a stunt, not an enjoyable adventure. Andrew could get years of fun out of the idea if he savors the attractions of every county over lots of shorter rides.

If Rocinante is comfortable enough for sitting hours in her saddle (I worry about the low seat) there's no reason she'd be unsuitable for the task at hand. She'll have ample power to get up the hills, though slower than a larger capacity bike would do it. She's probably awfully buzzy when she tries to go fast, but that's an incentive to stay on the back roads. <g> Mary bought a 250 Suzuki years ago when she was learning to ride so she could follow my Norton around (she gave up on the idea). I rode it around a bit and was impressed with how well it went along -- as long as you stayed off the freeway. I didn't like it well enough to trade in my Norton though. <g>

I like that Andy's using a modest machine that he already owns. I hate the attitude that every adventure requires buying a bunch of expensive equipment and gear. <sigh>

Have fun, Andy! Take lots of pictures! We expect to read lots of articles about the adventures on Sleeping Schnauzer. Touring the backroads of Oregon on a 250cc motorcycle will be a piece of cake compared to doing the Texas 200 in a Puddle Duck. <g>

Merry Xmas everybody! :o)

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