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It would appear that coots are adventure types regardless if it is boats or bikes. I too have had many types of bikes and well as boats. Rode a 350 Suzuki from Reedsport to San Diego only stopping for gas. Down the freeway in the late 70's. Then did it again with a 750 with a full screen wind jammer and all. As with boats or bikes, the best memories seems to be when the boat or bike was what (others) viewed as funky. My lastest ride was a KLR 650 duel sport, which suited my riding style the best. I prefer the upright sitting position,the desire to stop at least every 50 miles or less, the ability to go on any road or freeway and then on any logging road or trail. But to mostly just putt around at my leisure.
But I mostly admire Andrews drive,planning, and actual doing of trips, projects, and his ability to post about them. I look forward to hearing about his putting around on his 250 which will be just fine for his style of riding. The best advice someone gave me for taking turns was (look) and where you want to go not where you want to not be.

Phil, in California

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Starting in March, we are moving to a 4-day work week. My big plan is to
use the weekends to achieve my goal of motorbiking to every county in
Oregon. Courthouses are cool and they will be the reason for the trip,
BUT, I've decided to make this a "Travelogue of Oregon" kind of thing.
Here's what I need from y'all:

What's the neatest thing to see in your county? For instance, here in
Marion County, I'd take someone to Willamette Mission State Park, Silver
Falls, and/or Willamette University. For Yamhill, something like the
Evergreen Air and Space museum.

Since my little 250 doesn't like freeway speeds, I'm doing highways and
back roads. Interesting sights and routes - including dirt or logging
roads - are welcome. Crack-in-the-Ground, Hole-in-the-Ground, Vista
House, Astoria Column, etc. For Jefferson County, I'll probably visit
the Cove State Park. Things like that. Good photo opportunities and
maybe some history.

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