Re: Coots' Sewing Messabout in Duckworks

Vince K.

For those of you interested in Canvas work is a great resource.
You may have seen their ads in one of a magazines.

The old cast iron home sewing machines will sew through heavy canvas but the problem is feeding it.
When you get to a fold or other abrupt thickness change they will often just get stuck or break the needle.
Also, when you get a piece of canvas 12' long that weighs a few pounds it will start to slip and you can't feel what it's doing enough to help it.
So you will often bend or break a needle if you try to help it feed.
It can be done but triple feed is the way to go. 
Triple feed (or unison feed) has a walking foot plus a "walking needle" feed. 
The needle actually strokes along with the foot and the feed dogs.

I have both a Sailrite LSZ and a Seiko (Consew branded) triple feed machine. 
(Yep, that's the same Seiko that makes watches.)
The Seiko is, of course, a much nicer made machine that could (and has) done commercial duty.
The Sailrite is a Chinese machine that maybe wouldn't last too long working day in and day out.
But it's a very practical machine and the finished work doesn't look any different from the Seiko's.
My Seiko was too fast as built so I geared it down to make it slower and more powerful.
The Sailrites are geared super low and slow which is great for amateurs and tricky situations.

Here's the thing about Sailrite.  They give you tons of info about how to adjust, repair, and set up the machine.
The machine comes with a lengthy DVD detailing every aspect of maintaining the machine.
Also, spare parts are very easy to get at a reasonable cost.
They also have a great forum where you can ask questions which are often answered by Matt Grant, the owner.
They seem to stand behind their machines too.

The portability of the Sailrite is also nice (unlike my Seiko).  You can take it anywhere and hand crank it if you like.
Canvas can be big so taking the machine to the work is often the way to go.
You can take it right outside where there's plenty of room.

One last thing.  Sailrite has tons of instructional videos online.  Some are free and some cost.
So you can go on their website and browse some of them for free.  They are usually very good.

No, I don't work for Sailrite but they seem like a pretty good outfit to me.
They're good to have around. 

Vince Kurpan

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