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Case Turner

For Deschutes County, I’d recommend Newberry Crater (Paulina lake, big flow, East Lake) as a stop. You could ride out the back side to fort rock, but wouldn’t advise it with a street bike. The powder (dirt) gets deep in some places and is hard to navigate a dirt bike in.

Many like to ride the Casacde Lakes Highway. Lots of places to stop along there.

Crack in the ground can be done on a street bike if you come in from Christmas Valley. Green mountain Lookout is cool and is just north on same road. There is a campground at the lookout. If you go during the summer you can visit with the ranger and get a tour of the tower. I don’t advise riding further north as the road isn’t good for street bikes. Watched a guy out his Harley down last year trying to come up it.


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Starting in March, we are moving to a 4-day work week. My big plan is to use the weekends to achieve my goal of motorbiking to every county in Oregon. Courthouses are cool and they will be the reason for the trip, BUT, I've decided to make this a "Travelogue of Oregon" kind of thing. Here's what I need from y'all:

What's the neatest thing to see in your county? For instance, here in Marion County, I'd take someone to Willamette Mission State Park, Silver Falls, and/or Willamette University. For Yamhill, something like the Evergreen Air and Space museum.

Since my little 250 doesn't like freeway speeds, I'm doing highways and back roads. Interesting sights and routes - including dirt or logging roads - are welcome. Crack-in-the-Ground, Hole-in-the-Ground, Vista House, Astoria Column, etc. For Jefferson County, I'll probably visit the Cove State Park. Things like that. Good photo opportunities and maybe some history.


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