Re: needle sizes and types

Cheryl Libby

David and I are planning on going to sew and I will be bringing extra heavy duty sewing machines. It would be helpful if people could text me at 406-570-3173 with their name and if they need to borrow a machine. 

As to needle size and such check out this link.

On Sunday, November 18, 2018, 6:05:50 PM PST, Mark Neuhaus <turtle-coot@...> wrote:

Hi Elaine,

You made mention of needles, but I'm hoping for a little clarification.

John's scan shows size 21 for canvas and heavy duty stuff.  Would you
agree?  And how about needle point - sharp, rounded, whatever else might be
out there?  Am I going to find your suggestion at Fabric Depot or do I need
to hit a specialty store?

What weight of canvas are we going to be practicing on?



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