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Since you're a whiz with CAD you could quickly turn that lines drawing into plans for a modern Wee Pup, with help from the dimensions given in the article. Little boats like that are awfully simple, and a deviation of a fraction of an inch here or there from the "true" lines from 1906 wouldn't matter. A modern Wee Pup could be built multi-chine using stich 'n' goo :ob or battens at the chines, but a little boat like that would be a fun way to try glued lapstrake plywood construction. :o)

Of course the Portage Pram is a boat much like Wee Pup, and the plans are already done:

The Portage Pram is shorter and fatter than Wee Pup. Which is "bigger" (will carry the most weight comfortably)? If you've got 8' of length to stow the boat, I think you should build a boat close to 8' long...

On 10/19/2018 1:09 PM, Dirt wrote:
Yep that’s a good one John. It seems that maybe you sent me the lines to this many moons ago. I know I have it filed away somewhere. I need to look into it more.
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