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Jove Lachman-Curl

I’m really a bystander here, but I would enjoy seeing these books, and that’s the whole point of a library right?

Some spot in Toledo still rings a good bell for me. There are willing interested volunteers and the town attracts boating folks anyway.
If mold is a high concern a good cabinet as discussed earlier, with some desiccant or a couple light bulbs to keep it a little warm should be plenty. Ziplock bags for the valuable ones? Or even water tight Tupperware’s.
It’s not rocket science, but I love the idea of heading to Toledo some rainy Sunday and reading/borrowing a good boat book. And explore that area by kayak perhaps.

An online google-sheet is the best way I know of for keeping a public status. For anyone who’s not used this, it’s just a spreadsheet in the cloud that we can all access at once and put in status of various books etc. it would also serve as a public list of titles.
We use this for the rowing club I attend and it works very well for practice sign ups and booking out boats for 80 members with multiple practices a week.
-Jove in Eugene.

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So how many books are we talking about? It can't be that many of it's a box the same size as the one Mark has. I could possibly take them and create a spread sheet with the names. I hate to see them leave the group.

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"A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for."*
Books too. If one gets too caught up in safety and security then nobody
will ever be able to read the books. <g>

How can the Coots' Library remain dispersed, but work? We haven't ever
figured that out.


On 9/26/2018 10:07 AM, Myles T wrote:
> ...
> But beyond all that, there is a very important thing to consider as part
> of the broad category of “security”.  So far folks have mainly just
> touched on security in terms of whether the resource is protected from
> theft or donation.  Humidity was also mentioned and I also mentioned my
> concern about the OMM’s maritime collection being housed in a downtown
> underground bank vault that could flood.
> But here’s another security concern to take very seriously: fire. 
> Virtually any place can burn down I suppose and formal libraries are not
> immune---the recent fire at the Brazilian national library is just one
> example.  Dock fires are not uncommon, and I would guess the risk goes
> up with permanently moored boats and a workshop at the docks.  Homes can
> burn (my cousin lost his in Redding this summer) also.  Bottom line is
> that putting all your nuts (or books) in one basket (bookcase) at one
> location carries a risk that needs to be appreciated.  I hear the agony
> in reading about single items having disappeared.  Imagine if the entire
> collection burned, molded or sank to the bottom of the river.
> Which brings me again to the benefit of keeping this collection
> dispersed.  Yes, items and even an entire box could disappear or get
> donated to St. Vinnies---but that pales in severity compared to losing
> the entire collection in one event.
> ...

John (jkohnen@...)
Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what's right.
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