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I guess Cal's vote is against moving the Coot Library to the Toledo Boathouses. ;o)

Right now most of the Library books are in banker's boxes in the homes of several Coots. The rest are being held by Coots until somebody else wants them, or they feel like giving them to one of the Coots with a box of books. If someone wants a book mailed to them they work out the shipping costs through the Librarian with whoever holds the book. Some of our best books have been held so long that the Coots who are supposed to have them can't remember where they are. ,sigh> The system doesn't work, and the only Library activity I can recall recently has been a few handoffs between Coots in person.

The idea I laid out a few messages ago was that if the Boathouses host the Coot Library the Coot Librarian will continue to keep track of the books. Someone in Toledo will send updates from the checkout sheets to the Librarian. There will be a set loan period, after which the Librarian will harass the offender. If we think there need to be fines it'll probably be something like, "get that book back to the Library or you're gonna have to buy me a beer!" We're Coots after all. <g> The Boathouses' responsibility would be to keep the books safe, handle checking out books to non-Coots (that might require some vetting to confirm contact information), and keeping the Coot Librarian informed about who has what, from the checkout sheets.

We've got some good books in the Library, but few of them are really valuable. When it comes time to trim my own library down I may choose to donate the most valuable books to someplace like the McCurdy Library in Port Townsend, but I'd rather give the rest to a place like a Coot Library in Toledo, that I feel more connected to, and serves people I know and a community I've become quite fond of.

Speaking of librarians... Wasn't Chuck Gerttula librarian at the high school? maybe we need to get him involved. <g>

On 9/24/2018 6:58 PM, Toledo Joe wrote:
What Cal is suggesting is certainly the "Cadillac" version and certainly the most desirable.  I'm gong to speak with the Retired Old Guy Sailing club on Wednesday and see to what level they would like to participate. I'm pretty sure they are not going to want to be the Sergeant at Arms handling fines or tracking down and recovering missing books or handling fines, fees and/or mailing costs.  If there is an entity that can do it all, most definitely go with it.  I'm curious about what is in place now compared to what Cal's vision is.
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