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An old beatup canoe like that isn't worth bothering about keeping original. Do what you gotta do to make it work for you.

I think old beatup canoes like that are perfect for conversion to sailing canoes, because you won't feel bad about drilling holes in them or gluing on odd bits and bobs. Your Kickitat looks like it's got a nice, wide flat bottom -- just right for a sailing canoe. <g>

We figured you couldn't stay away from boats forever. ;o)

On 5/8/2018 9:12 AM, Andrew wrote:
I've come into possession of a Klicatat Canoe - fairly small at around 15', heavily built of fiberglass. It has great big spade ends on it (like the Squaw canoe I used to own) but worst of all, it is laid out for tandem paddling ONLY. It has 2 thwarts, neither of which is placed so one person can portage the canoe. And a thwart makes it pretty much impossible for one person to paddle it solo.
So here's the problem: It's an old, beat up canoe that I got for free. Because it is set up for tandem paddling, it is nearly useless to me (nobody I know likes canoeing as much as I do - if I wait for a partner, I'll never go anywhere.)
I can easily put a thwart in the middle and remove the other two and BOOM! It is now either a tandem or solo canoe. Just like that - a simple 33" stick and a few screws. BUT, if I do that, I change the essential form and function of the original design.
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