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Have no fear, we all know the Lawyers on both sides are having a great time, and are somewhere in this. Former district attorney, hah again !!   Someplace on the instructions, or set up paperwork is -- or should be  -- the advice to remove (or not) that foam in the bows, or under the seat in small rowboats.  Saying that, most sales persons want that sale bad enough that they avoid asking about experience.  “Easy to do”, everybodys getting these for summer fun, huh.  


The first launch in running stream water ??  Not so bright there either, even with experienced kayakers, does it sound sane to launch a new unfamiliar boat in running water.  I would liken it to me riding my scooter for the first time in the rain on an unfamiliar back road.  At least I kept that similarity idea in daylight !!


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Be careful who you're selling stuff to. ;o)


"Orrio, a former Marion County deputy district attorney, and McCallum

decided to try the kayaks for the first time and launched into the

Santiam River near Mehama."


The articles make it sound like the foam was structural as well as

flotation, or that's what the plaintiffs are claiming. I think there

were a bunch of idiots involved, on both sides. <sigh>


On 5/9/2018 8:53 AM, Andrew wrote:

> ...

> I am biased against the injured parties because the Old Town Trip 10 is

> a fishing/flat water kayak. The Santiam is not considered flat water -

> in fact, the man was swept into "class II rapids" (if I recall, class II

> isn't much, but it's not flat, either.)


> Yeah, so I don't know. Did the employees damage the kayaks removing the

> foam? Was the foam for shipping or flotation? Of less importance is the

> question "Were the kayaks loaded appropriately for the conditions? Were

> they the correct kayaks for the conditions?"


> My opinion - and I ain't no lawyer - is if the employees damaged the

> kayaks - it's the fault of Dicks. If the people used a piece of outdoor

> equipment in an unsafe manner in an inherently risky activity, it's on

> them.


> (this article in the Statesman Journal has slightly more information)




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