Re: Another Thursday -- Anybody for Albany Lunch !!


Just got a call that I will be working this afternoon so won't make it this week.  Great benefit of being an on call worker!


On Thu, May 3, 2018 at 9:01 AM, Richard Green <chaos5@...> wrote:
Wish I was going for lunch today, going to be at brother’s in Canby.  My new puppy is almost old enough to be left in the car for the time of eating lunch out, so hopefully get there next week.  I confess I forget what day it is most days as every day seems to be a retirement day and one day runs into another.


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The motor pods hang down about 7 inches,  That desn’t show in pix.  The whole motor would be exposed to any limb or log down there.   Right now the skegs are  16 in. long about to let the “stuff” slide over.  About lower half the prop blades are unprotected now – until I replace the 3 bladers with stock 2 blade – which autorotate to horizontal behind the motor pods for safety.   I need over 12 inches of I’m draggin my dragon !!  Pods don’t retract, just like an inboard set up.
Thanks Rich, going for lunch ??, I have some pix ! __  Cal
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I’d begin with one three inch only per skeg.  Toward the aft end.  Call me conservative.
On May 2, 2018, at 6:55 PM, Electri-Cal <calboats@...> wrote:
Just thought a nice scooter ride might be in order, maybe a few good ideas in the sun shine ??  Maybe some new folks ??   I'm drilling  a couple holes through both of the skegs, to relieve some turning resistance I noticed at Depoe Bay.  Start with a couple 3 inch in each skeg, room for more later as needed.  Wish I had a shallow water rig ready now, later maybe.

Anybody Around? --  Cal   


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