Re: [MessaboutW] Electric Hookup Question


Yep, John!  The "inside the box" says clearly, use on one battery only, shite !!  of course that has 3 leads, so one pair ( 2 ) of leads plug into pack A .  The left over one (1) goes to the much smaller and what I call the Balance battery, so the trim is correct, that will need a longer lead to adjust battery trim wherever.

So, just a matter of changing the two main plugs from pack A to pack B after filling back up.  Not exactly a problem, since one pack gets so much time using those big batteries.  Once both A and B packs are topped off I just clip on the long term trickle chargers till next outing.  Each trip I make sure I start with the opposite pack so both get even use and recharge cycles.  Trolling 12 volt other is just left as a separate plug, different color etc., as that  one plug is designated as "primary plug" closest to the power cord, 

I was wondering if the RV twin battery charging splitter would do that job??  If I got one for a cars two battery set up, it would seem to do the job of charging - one at a time -  of a 2 battery bank ??  Think I will do a bit of looking around on that right now.

later,   Cal

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