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Year's ago the US Board on Geographic Names decided to remove all apostrophes from place names, so "Grant's Pass" became "Grants Pass." I can understand; apostrophe's clutter up maps, and their was a possibility of confusion about whether a place was named possessively for one guy named Grant, for example, and deserved an apostrophe, or was named non-possessively for several Grant brothers, or a plethora of land grants. <g>

More recently They decided that all possessive names, even purged of their apostrophes, were in appropriate. So Skinner's Butte (officially "Skinners Butte") in Eugene is now "Skinner Butte." I think this change is an unfortunate step away from the history of our places. Skinner's Butte was named that (and is still called that by older Eugeneans) because Eugene Skinner lived on the west flank of the hill. The mountain south of Eugene, Spencer Butte, was so named in honor of Secretary of War John C. Spencer, who never got within a thousand miles of the peak. Doing away with possessives removes such distinctions and makes our maps much less interesting. <harrumph>

Grants Pass is lucky that their name is so well established that it'd be a too much of a hassle to change it to "Grant Pass." Grants Pass was apparently named for US Grant after the battle of Vicksburg, but he actually visited the area before he was a General and then President. He supposedly slept at the Wolf Creek Inn (still in operation) while surveying southern Oregon.

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Well, well….I’ve always wondered why it isn’t Grant’s Pass.  The lack of a possessive, eh?

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Hi all.. there actually are some coots in southern Oregon.. I am in Grants Pass.. have built a couple of stitch-&-glue boats and one plywood on frame Hartley 14.  Dont know how much good advice I may have, but I can certainly BS with the best of 'em.


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Grants Pass, Oregon

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