Re: Jim's Shellback Dinghy


Cookies?  You guys got cookies?   Once a week the jailer comes by and lets US out for a bath.  That is, if we don’t already drink the water, with the bread we get, tossed under the door.  At least, I think it’s water.  Cookies, huh?


That wasn’t no chainsaw outa’ control.  Worse.  A Sawzall, fully in control.  A truly awful day.  I guess that was about two months ago.   The new cabin is more or less put together.  A couple feet longer, with a plywood top.   We’re getting close to being ready for a break to freedom—the boat, that is.  As far as the workforce, here; we can petition for clemency on alternate Christmases.   But, if I asked for a cookie, I’d probably get tossed in the tank.  Between shifts.  Wow.  You guys get cookies. 

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