Yaquina Bay Messabout Spots


John Thorpe forwarded a message to me from Warren Jordan in which he
mentions some possibilities for Yaquina Bay messing about:

I'm not really familiar with Alsea Bay and its possibilities for
launching/beaching, but I know it is a very popular area for recreational
boating....as long as you are watchful of the tides, since shoalwater is
the rule there.

I mainly play in Yaquina Bay at Newport where there are launches at South
Beach Marina and Sawyer's Landing and some good backwaters for exploration
in the upper reaches around McCaffrey and Pooles Sloughs. Keep me informed
of your activities and maybe I can join you in the future.

I've put a map of Yaquina Bay in the files section. The location of
Sawyer's Landing is just a wild guess. I'll be passing through there next
week, and will scout around a bit.


John <jkohnen@boat-links.com>
I Can't take a well-tanned person seriously. <Cleveland Amory>

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