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Andrew Linn

Thanks for thinking of us, anyhow. See you at the Boat Show.

On 6/20/2016 6:02 PM, Jim Pettycrew [MessaboutW] wrote:
Andrew, Thanks for all the great stuff you do especially with the kids. Sadly I live in Portland and don't like to drive much so I usually stay close to home or I would be there helping on occasion. See you at the boat show though! Spent part of father's day canoeing on the Willamette. One thing I learned, don't get to close to docks or rock walls because the wake board boat waves can bounce off them and then get amplified when meeting another wake. Yikes, the bow of my Toto went up about 4 feet. No problem though because it rides over them nicely. Just keep it in mind when in a small boat with wake board boats around. Jim P.

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Ripping good weekend at the Boathouse. Things are coming along nicely.

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