New (Old) Boat


An ad at the end of the boating classifieds this weekend caught my eye, it
sounded like a boat I'd seen before, an old, old 15' launch with a 4 1/2
horse Graymarine 2-stroke-- and sure enough:

It was hopeless, as soon as I touched her I had to have her, so now she's
mine. <g> I'm sure Richard Mitsch is going to hate me. <g> I paid
considerably less than was being asked at Depoe Bay. Now I've _really_ got
to get that shop up in my back yard! I've wanted one of those old
one-lungers for decades, and this one comes with a nice little boat!

I invited the launch's PO, Rich Covely of Eugene, to join us.

John <>
A paranoid is a man who knows a little of what's going on.
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