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Cal I appreciate your advise on my leak
Picture 1 shows the boat Joel Smith 11 ft
Picture 2 shows the relationship to the mast step.  The line comes down from the forward end of the boom (Lug Sail), goes thru the small roller and back to the right to a black friction clamp under the seat.  I usually sit on the bottom behind the center seat.
Picture 3/4 show the crack developing on the right side in the picture (port side).

When I sail I pull down very hard on this line as it raises the aft end of the boom giving me some head room even thought I’m sitting on the bottom.  I think that is my problem.  So two questions.  What can I do to spread the load and what can I do to repair and strengthen that area?

Thanks to you all
Kent Olsen 

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I WOULDN'T USE pc-11 for that repair.  You need to spread the right angle force over a larger area.  That takes a glassing with cloth build up, and/or a wood block patterned to the bottom.  Either way, spread the force or it can get worse fast. 

The turning block may also be too small, the biggest you can fit, with a swivel, or movable joint would help quite a bit.  On my jib line (over 90 deg. ) I used 4 in. or three links of chain to even out the stress of turning the halyard "corner" through fairleads to a convenient spot and a good size cleat.

I have cans of pc 11 here, ok for putty, but do not count on it for thin and flat outward pull strength on halyards,  Needs maybe 6in to a foot of good glassed surface for halyards or backup areas.  A good back up block where possible is advised on all cleats, fairleads.

Later,  Cal

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