Re: [MessaboutW] Aquatek Marine Plywood -- Super Deal


It will be a while as I need to coordinate with my son who lives in Bend and only gets by about once a month.  Also need to know where to pick up the wood to see what that will cost.

Do they have 5 ft wide plywood?  Thinking 4 mm to make wall and roof sandwich with foam insulation.


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Hi, Hank --  I have several orders to process as of my first post on this today.  If you can figure how many sheets you need, I will get with my guys tomorrow and sort out the starting up process.  The thickness is needed of course, and enough sheets that everything matches as possible.  On a trailer you will need enough extra to match varnished areas, probably.

The ones i got so far have a nice light swirly grain, lighter color than I expected, should make a better finish than the darker colors, for inside boats or trailers. I can also ask for matched grain, but depends on how much of which  thickness desired -- is on hand at the time.

Let me know and i can get on it, thanks, ------   Cal

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