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I would be interested in good plywood deals, Cal.  Been thinking about building a teardrop trailer with marine ply.

Hank Burroughs
in Salem

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I just got more of the BS 1033 marine ply, from a local source.  They asked if I would be interested in offering a special price on all sizes of their stock.  We set up a start up account for me, and I saved a decent amount on really good looking solid core plywood, more balanced lay up than Jourbet, and a bare touch thicker, so I could build with a lighter weight and save a little more that way too.

From my last invoice, a comparison --Cross.@ $ 57.00 new source $46.00, for a bonded marine ply, and I can go lower than that !!    That is 4mm and looks like AA or AB sides, hard to tell, really good looking sheets. 

My personal in house contact will allow my contacts to buy using my accounts agreed price, any amount needed, credit cards accepted.  I would like to find out if any other coots would want to get in on this??  We are in setting up invoice codes now, so if you are tired of the current Crosscut price, I will continue this project with them, if not I won't bother to make it happen.  

Prices on all wood varies, but they are sending me a  private  current plywood  price list, as a good faith gesture.  I know they have over 150 sheets of 4mm to dispose of, as of yesterday.

Haven't discussed dimensioned wood as yet, but they have a heck of a selection, and I could check on other boat or home construction applicable wood if there is a need.  I'm hoping this can be a better deal than we have had before.  If you are interested for now, fine, if maybe later also fine, but I need to see a show of hands if it will be worth the effort to make up a discount price list, and set up a system that works.

Private Mail to ----  calboats@...  --  Let me know in the next few days what you need, to build with now, or for later.  This may be a limited time offer from them, eh ??

later,  ---  Cal

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