Re: [MessaboutW] First writeup on the Neptune 16

Case Turner


Not that long ago a friend needed my help to get his centerboard unstuck. His boat is 19'. We slid it off the trailer onto his lawn, rolled the boat over and tied the mast to his fence. Removed the rocks that had got in between the trunk and the board. He did a few other minor repairs to the bottom. We righted the boat and winched it back onto the trailer. So I bet you could do the same without needing a hoist.

On Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 12:29 PM, Andrew Linn alinn@... [MessaboutW] <MessaboutW@...> wrote:

When I did R2AK last year, I was crew on a Potter 19. The skipper had
her loaded to the 9's - 2400lbs total, if I remember right., He said he
like to have her "stapled to the water."

On 10/23/2015 12:04 PM, Seth Bloombaum sbloombaum@... [MessaboutW]

> Looks like a great project, and the kind of sailing the Neptune is for
> is very appealing.
> I jumped on a friend's boat last night. My current transport is an
> O'Day Daysailer 2, at about 17' and 500 lbs. Dick's is an (early)
> O'Day Mariner, about 19' and 1500 lbs. Similar construction, except
> for his steel centerboard and lead pigs down around the trunk.
> What a stunningly different sailing experience! I'm still getting used
> to the Daysailer's tendency to stop on a dime when the sails aren't
> pulling, at 1500 lbs. the Mariner carries a lot more way when it's
> coasting through irons, or to the dock.
> The Daysailer, clearly a dinghy, keeps you moving, a lot, when tacking
> in stiff breezes. Easy to ship a few gallons of blue water over the
> side if one is inattentive to a backed jib or whatever when the weight
> is on the now-leeward side of the boat. The DS2 has a self-bailing
> cockpit, I've had to use that feature!
> Dick bought the Mariner for single-handing, and I can absolutely see
> the point of all that weight. It's a luxurious ride, by comparison.
> Late in the evening the wind was dropping to maybe 4mph, the lasers
> that were out to play did fine with that, but the Mariner wasn't as
> suited to it. Just a working jib last night, it probably would have
> done better with its gennie.
> On the other hand, he doesn't do a lot of trailering. Were it me, I
> think I'd suffer through dealing with the additional weight on and off
> the trailer.
> For what it's worth. I liked his Mariner 19 a lot!
> Best,
> Seth
> The other one, in Portland
> On Friday, October 23, 2015 11:27 AM, "Andrew Linn
> alinn@... [MessaboutW]" <MessaboutW@...> wrote:
> Not much info, but it's getting started.

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