Dorena Messabout


I had a great day messing about on Dorena yesterday all by myself. Oh well,
they can't all work out. I still think Dorena would be a good spot for a
messabout. I stayed over Friday night, and my new old van/motorhome was
quite comfortable, I'm happy it's joined the family.

I met a Weekender builder at Baker Bay and invited him to join us (you
here Jeff?). I'd never seen a Weekender in the flesh, it looked pretty
good. Some boats have character naturally, and some boats are "character
boats" that _try_ to have character. I'm afraid that I've always thought of
the Weekender as a character boat. The one I saw yesterday didn't disabuse
me of that notion, but perhaps it softened me up a little. The trouble is
that I just like boats! I wear my heart on my sleeve. <g>

The big dory that lives at Dorena is a carvel planked(!) replica of the
Italian fishing dory in Chapelle's American Small Sailing Craft, a design
I'd long admired. She's a nice boat, but Pickle passed her like she was
standing still. :O) But the dory had the excuse that she was towing her
tender, which is indeed a Redmond Wisp (or is that Whisp?).

John <>
If perfection were needed for friendship the world
would be a wilderness for our love. <Thomas Jefferson>

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