Rapid robert


I'll scan in and post the plans I have.

Funny looking boat. 18' double ender drift boat with 4' cut off bow.
But still all the room. Goes backwards.

Pretty simple boat. Just have to make "Forms' to hold everything
in place till you get it together. 3/4 particle board frames.
Don't cut them up like I did, so you can build another one.

I built mine with 3/8 luane sides, and 1/2 bottom.
Didn't even put in full ribs except in middle.

If I were to do it again, I would use 1/4 sides, with rock guards
on the outside and maybe 1/2" bottom, but I might go with good 3/8.
Did break the ply and glass on mine when I hit a big rock side on.
But my fualt. Not the boat. Anything can get brocken.

I glassed the heck out of mine, but the glass has been the biggest
pain in the butt. Built it when it was cold, so epoxy did not set.

Had to rip big chuncks of bottom glass off and replace.

Glass on gunnals and sheer have come loose. Ugly

Build it light and cheap. No Glass. Half the wieght.
Certainly not fancy. Just Paint it with latex, or if you must,
put a coat of "Drift Boat" epoxy paint on the bottom.

Very nice boat, but would build it to use, not to show.

Build them the way Ray does.

Epoxy all the flat surfaces befor putting together, with no "Glass".

Or as I sugested, no epoxy, just paint, and light.
Might want to decide if you ever want to put a motor on it.
A lot easier without cutout in stearn.

Fish catcher.

I'll post "Plans"

Contact me if you want to build one. I'll fill you in on all the
little deatails.

Pat Patteson
Molalla, Oregon

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