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Hi guys. Been watching the chatter . Haven't had many chances to stop by any of your get together due to work. I have a 11 ft Joel White Shellback. The rudder is to loose and, while sailing, I must keep my hand on the tiller all the time. Has any one tried some kind of small shock absorber between the rudder and the transom?
Thanks Kent Olsen

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Ahoy, Dennis B:


I had the pleasure of seeing his boats and drinking some of his water while passing through Albany a few weeks back.  I seem to have done mischief to his email address in the interregnum.  However, if anybody should hail him at FR please say hello.  Also, he was headed off on a Saltchuck adventure to the South Sound.  It would be nice to hear how that went. 


Fair winds, following seas,

Dan Rogers


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